FCC Week 12: Webinar 6, How’s it going?

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  • Maybe I’m doing something incorrect. Although I’ve been able to get Mom to look at me, today she found a couple of different ways to ignore me or redirect. I asked if she wanted to go to a Beethoven concert on Sunday…she changed the subject, looked away, and pointed to something in her book….However, later I approached it in a different way. I asked her if she wanted to join Jeff and me for a Beethoven concert and she readily agreed.

  • I’m traveling with Chizuko, we are going to our daughters second home in Lake Tahoe, and travel is always difficult. She is never able to relax when away from her home and is of little help in packing and getting ready to travel. South Lake Tahoe is a 8-hour drive from our home so we break up the trip by staying in a hotel, in this case 5 hours into our trip. I was very tired and wanted to get some sleep but Chizuko kept asking questions, is the door locked, where are we, when are we going home. I finally said, I need to get some sleep, she says “You don’t want to talk to me,” and slams her hand on the table. That got me mad and it was very hard to calm down. Especially after she threw a glass of water on me.

    In short when you are tired and woken out of a sleep you need to have the right mind set to react properly.

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