FCC Week 4: Webinar 2

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  • I have used centering to help me calm and become present to what is needed in the moment. It allows me to put aside all of the other things that vye for my attention and just focus on my husband. It makes us both happier.

  • Good evening everyone. First, I’m sorry I was not able to join the Webinar for Week 4. My mom was in the hospital and I was not able to break away.

    Second, centering is still a challenge for me. So far, the exercises do not resonate with me. One way I am able to clear my head and make space for myself/my feelings is to be outside in nature. Yesterday (Sunday) I was able to take several hours and spend time at a mountain lake. It was a cool but sunny morning and I felt hugged by the breeze and welcomed by the animals with whom I shared the space. The 4 hours I was there were the best way for me to shake off the stress of mom’s 3-day hospitalization.

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