FCC Week 6: Webinar 3

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  • Sometimes I interrupt my mom when she is repeating the same thing over and over. I am learning that rephrasing may be more effective because it lets her know she has been heard, and possibly understood – which (sometimes) eliminates the need to keep repeating something.

  • My husband has hallucinations and the most constant of the hallucinations are meetings that he holds and trys to direct others what seems like completing a project of some sort. It may tie into his background as a teacher and professor.

  • Remember everything takes time. Before we go anywhere I write it down on a note pad, showing where and when we need to leave. I then need to make sure she remembers, reminding her but being carful not to be too pushy.

    Since she has no short term memory, she frequently says,” I never heard about this before, this is the first time.” Here I need some advice, what does one say in this case?

  • One of my big communication challenges is when I want my mother to do something like take pills, change clothes, try on new clothes. This often takes several different requests/attempts/approaches. Today after several failures, we sat down to read a new book that engaged her and led to a great discussion. When we were done, I asked again that she try on the new pants I purchased for her, and she was happy to do so. So our communication may be improved if I back off and make the request when we’ve had a positive, rewarding interaction.

  • Hi everyone. I am not able to join tomorrow’s webinar due to a previously scheduled out-of-town trip. I’m sorry to miss out on the conversation.

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