FCC Week 8: Webinar 4

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Lesson tags: basic attitude, emotions, energy, webinar

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  • I realize that I “ran around” a lot when engaging with my Mom, trying to multitask. I have slowed down and it is wonderful.

  • I have been trying not to use the condescending voice tone at all anymore (I know I used it before). I also have been sitting more (on the couch) when I talk to my mom to get at her level (since she is usually in a chair).

    The main thing that shows this “worked” is now she is like a floodgate…. she will not stop talking to me! Previously she mostly ignored me or pretended I wasn’t there.

    I have to remind myself to spend time to wait until the conversation is at a good stopping point. I am a person who likes to be busy all the time, but to meet my mom’s needs I have to stop and be still a little bit and listen.

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