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Welcome to the on-line tutorial: Beginning Validation. We hope that you enjoy learning about Validation. We appreciate your input. Please send any comments to Ed Feil.

Thank you very much. We appreciate your interest in learning more about Validation.

Interview with Naomi Feil

Tutorial Goals

The goal of this tutorial is to give you a good foundation in the theory of Validation and descriptions of Validation techniques. This tutorial will not teach you everything about Validation, but it will give you enough to make a start and perhaps that will be enough to open up a whole new way of being with disoriented elderly people. After you have completed this tutorial, we encourage you to participate in a Validation Worker course

The Elderly

Many elderly people struggle with dementia. Naomi Feil has been working with the elderly her whole life and has developed Validation – an effective method for communicating with disoriented very old people.



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