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Non-certification training that vary from a few hours to a few days; these can be tailored to your specific needs. For presentation and workshop availability contact a Certified Validation Teacher in your area. The following basic courses integrate a person-centered approach and give basic skills to improve communication with older adults with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. They range from 2-6 days depending on the teacher or AVO offering this training.

Beginning Validation

Beginning Validation

This exclusive VTI online course is great for on-the-job training. The 22 lessons can be completed at your leisure. It includes videos, text with narration, interactive quizzes and ends with a completion certificate.   

This online training will give you a good foundation in the theory of Validation and descriptions of Validation techniques. It will not teach you everything about Validation, but will give you enough to open up a whole new way of being with disoriented elderly people. After you have completed Beginning Validation, we encourage you to participate in a Validation Worker course.   

If you are interested in purchasing this course for your students, colleagues or staff, you can purchase 5 one-year subscriptions for $200 ($40 each) or 10 one-year subscriptions for $300 ($30 each). Please email for more information.

Family Caregiver Course

Family Caregiver Course

This 18- week, internet-supported, practical training fits your schedule and special needs. In no more than 1 hour per week, you will learn Validation techniques that enhance your relationship and improve communication with your relative who is living with dementia.

  • 5 videos offer new understanding and insights into your relative
  • 9 webinars give opportunities to share with others in your situation and deepen your knowledge
  • The 2-day in-person meeting is where you will practice and integrate new skills under the guidance of an experienced Validation Teacher
  • The private discussion board is where you can share emotions, events and network with others 24/7

This course is offered regionally with partner organizations for people who are caring for relatives or friends living with dementia either at home or in facilities and feel comfortable working with computers. For more information contact:


Certification training combines hands-on practice with class training, creating a thorough yet flexible communication tool for caregiving.  

Internet Supported Worker Course

Internet Supported Worker Course

This 40 week certification course combines online learning, practical work with older adults and in-person intensive training. It is a perfect solution for people interested in being trained as a Validation Worker but do not live close to a training center. Instead of 5 in-person meetings, this course meets in-person only two times and the rest of the training is online.

Course Format
  • Participants can expect to spend 1- 2 hours each week for 40 weeks.
  • Participation in all webinars and the in-person training sessions is required. 
  • Information is offered in short videos which can be watched at your leisure.
  • Short homework assignments anchor the learning 
  • Webinars are scheduled video conferences with the entire class and teacher. These are twice monthly meetings that deepen the knowledge, answer questions and start developing Validation skills. 
  • Two 2-day, in-person training sessions are filled with exercises to integrate Validation techniques into your backpack of skills to use in your daily life.
  • Location of the in-person sessions is regional and dependent on our local partner organization.  
  • There is a minimum requirement of 26 weeks of practicing your Validation skills with older adults in each phase: malorientation, time confusion, repetitive motion and vegetation. You can combine your Validation practice with your everyday work environment. 
  • You get feedback and supervision on your continuing development of skills by uploading videos of your practice with older adults. 
  • Certification requirements include documentation of your practical work, a written Case Study and a videotaped demonstration of your practical skills.

Modular Learning Curriculum for Care Community Administrators and Validation Teachers

Modular Learning Curriculum

This unique course was developed for on-the-job training that combines flexibility and the opportunity to certify caregivers in a care community. The Modular Learning Curriculum combines learning with practice, integrating new behaviors and skills with a holistic view of aging and aged. It is possible for the modules to be spread out over budget years making training an entire staff more affordable.

Course Format

There are four modules. Each 2-day module is self-contained, meaning participants gain new skills with each module and could possibly stop after each one. If participants complete all modules successfully , they are eligible for level 1 Worker certification.

  • Module 1: participants develop an empathetic, person-centered basic attitude by integrating the Validation principles; they can explore the world of each client and feel more competent communicating. 
  • Module 2: participants will deeply anchor an empathetic approach and competently use at least 4 Validation techniques . 
  • Module 3: participants will integrate all the techniques used with verbal clients
  • Module 4: participants will integrate techniques used with non-verbal clients and continue weekly Validation practice leading to certification. 
  • After the 4th Module, participants may choose to take the written and practical tests for Level 1 certification.  

Course Benefits

Care Communities build a ‘person-centered’ culture where residents feel respected and at home while staff take greater joy in their work.
Caregivers feel more competent to handle difficult situations, express more fulfillment at work, demonstrate a basic, empathetic attitude and have the skills to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with older adults.
Older Adults with Alzheimer-type dementia communicate more, feel accepted and so express less anxiety and stress; there is less need for psychopharmacologic and sedative medication.

Certification Courses Offered by AVOs

Certification Courses Offered by AVOs

Level 1 Validation Worker

Courses consist of five, 2-day blocks of training (10 days) spaced over 9 months. Participants practice their Validation skills for a total of 26 weeks with older adults in all four phases of resolution in between lesson blocks.

Level 2 Validation Group Leader

Courses consist of three, 2-day blocks of training (6 days) spaced over 6-9 months. Level I certification is a prerequisite for this course. Participants practice their Group Validation skills in between lesson blocks for a total of 26 weeks. Supervision days are organized between each lesson block.

Level 3 Validation Teacher

Courses consist of two blocks of training. 3 days + 2 days. Level I and Level II certification are prerequisites for this course Each participant creates his or her own personalized program for development of needed skills with the guidance from the course teacher. This course ends with a Presenter certificate. Presenters offer workshops, presentations and supervision.

This is followed by a co-training of a Level 1 course with an experienced teacher to deepen the special pedagogic skills necessary for teaching Validation. The Validation Teacher certificate is awarded at the successful conclusion of the co-training.

Level 4 Validation Master

Certification is applied for after at least 3 years of teaching experience of all certification levels, mentoring by a current Master and making a significant contribution to the development of Validation theory and practice. These role models form the VTI Education Committee and guide the future development of the Validation method.


Post-training, ongoing support, we help you to make the most of what you’ve learned and connect you to the Validation peer network.  

Online Supervision

VTI offers two monthly online meetings for support, encouragement and networking. Certified Validation Presenters or Teachers lead the lively discussion. Sometimes Naomi Feil makes a guest appearance! 

Continuing Education

Continuing Education days on specific themes for certified individuals is offered by Authorized Validation Organizations.  This is an ideal way to maintain your quality and sharpen your skills. 

Validation Certificate of Quality 

Available to care communities that wish to become known as “Validation homes”. This is an ideal way to integrate a person-centered environment from top management to housekeeping. Contact Vicki de Klerk for more information.