How to Teach Validation Online with Vicki de Klerk

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Learn how to create a community of inquiry online and effective learning for your audience. This continuing education program focuses on demonstration, practice and integrating new practices into your skill-set.

Learn from experts in online teaching and an experienced Validation Teacher.
Learn what can be done effectively online and what can’t.
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Four interactive training sessions plus videos with assignments will give you:

  • pedagogic knowledge specific to online teaching
  • creative ways of teaching Validation online with webinars, interactive classes, and blended learning
  • practice in using various software
  • one on one interaction and coaching

The webinars are interactive and require participants to have hi-speed internet, a functioning camera, microphone and speakers. It will be held on Zoom video conferencing.

This 5-part program starts with independent learning from videos and short assignments.

  • Part 1: In your own time watch 6 very short videos that teach aspects of online learning and pedagogy.
  • Part 2: Zoom Session 1 Introduction to Zoom and Google Drive applications
  • Part 3: Zoom Session 2 Explore Zoom and Google Drive tools in detail: polls, breakout rooms, quizzes, surveys and other tools
  • Part 4: Zoom Session 3 Build an online curriculum for a Validation webinar.
  • Part 5: Zoom Session 4 Each person delivers a section of their webinar and receives feedback from the group.