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Quality Certification for Institutions

Rezertifizierung- Validation Quality Certification for Institutions

The Stichting Validation Training Institute International (VTI-I) was created in 2016 to spearhead the spread of the Validation method in Europe. It shares the same mission as VTI and focuses on four goals: 

These organizations have been working to integrate Validation on every level, in every way, for years.

If you want to know what the Validation method can do for a facility, contact any one of these organizations.
You will feel the difference when you walk into the front door, down the halls and speak to any one of the staff or residents.

Rezertifizierung- Validation Quality Certification for Institutions Team


Should your organization be interested in getting a Validation Certificate of Quality, download the Quality Certification for Institutions Criteria and do a self evaluation. Discuss it with your team and get everyone on board. Reach out to VTI for support or if you have questions.