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VTI Supporters

Wall of Honor:

The following people have contributed to Naomi’s legacy by donating to the Endowment Fund

Debby Laimon and Gregg Marron
Kimberly Tully
Laurie Donze-Allen

In Memory Of

Ed Feil
Warren Rubin

Individual Donors

The following people have contributed to the 2023 VTI Fundraisers 

Annebeth Rosenboom
Barbara Porter
Beth Cecil
Bruce Haims
Charles De vilmorin
Conor Wilmot
Daniel Potts
Danièle Warynski
Douglas Fouche
ED Feil
Edward G. Feil
Elaine Wolff
Frances Bulloff
Geo Feil
Glenn Kaminsky
Harvey Sterns
Hazel Jones
Heather Easterling
Heidi Bontadelli
Iris Colon-Garcia
Jane Oderberg
Jane Oderberg
Jeanine Briefel
Jeff & Joan Harn
Jelisa Kenney

Joanna Ata
Joyce Weaver
Kathleen De Witte
Kevin Carlin
Laurie Donze-Allen
Linda Odom
Lori Hasty
Lynne Stanley
Maralyn Steeg
Marcia H Schoppik
Marie-Paule Delauw
Mark Norris
Mark Paretti
Nancy Brown
Nancy Bravman
Paula Mixson
Piet DeKlerk
Rita Altman
Sandy Strathmeyer
Stacey Hand
Susan Goldstein
Susan Marinello
Tracey Dolan
Vicki de Klerk

Corporate & Foundation Donors

If you have financially supported VTI in the past year but do not see your name on this page (and wish for recognition), please contact us at . Additionally, if you wish to have your name removed, please let us know. Thank you!

VTI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States. Gifts are generally tax-deductible.
In the Netherlands, the Stichting VTI – International has an ANBI status (a foundation for the public good). Gifts may be tax-deductible; structural gifts (gifts for 5 years or more) are always tax-deductible.