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VTI Supporters

We can't do our work without you…

These organizations and individuals have made it possible for VTI to bring the Validation method to those who need it most, to ensure quality training and continue Naomi Feil’s legacy. Thank you!

Corporate & Foundation Donors

Individual Donors

Rita Altman
Thomas Avenia
Molly Balunek
Nancy Bravman
Jeanine Briefel
Nancy Brown
Frances Bulloff
Kevin Carlin
John Coughlan
Piet & Vicki de Klerk
Charles de Vilmorin
Kathleen De Witte
Heather Easterling
Ed Feil
Naomi Feil
Rosemary Golias
Bruce Haims
Stacey Hand
Jeff & Joan Harn

Lori Hasty
Kathryn Hellerstein
Glenn Kaminsky
Andrea Knutson
Barbara McGregor
Meaghan McMahon
Hedwig Neu
Ruth Peeters
Hildegard Riedl
Derek Schmid
Marcia Schoppik
Jenny Sherrell
Harvey Sterns
Joyce Stoddard
Sandy Strathmeyer-Trout
Robin Van Riper
Simon Weinberg
Bernice Wollman
Krissy Wuerdeman

If you have financially supported VTI in 2019, but do not see your name on this page (and wish for recognition), please contact us at . Additionally, if you wish to have your name removed, please let us know. Thank you!