VTI Support Groups

Support Groups

VTI hosts support meetings for everyone interested in the Validation method, whether you have read a book or taken a certification training. Find answers to questions, network with others and gain more confidence in using Validation to enhance the lives of older adults. All meetings are free of charge! Meetings are conducted via Zoom

Are you someone who has read a book, been to a workshop or taken training in the Validation method?

Then Talk & Techniques is for you. Bring your questions, experiences and share with others going through the same things. These meetings are moderated by a Validation Teacher or Presenter and offered twice each month. Join us by registering by contacting  

Are you a certified Validation Presenter, Teacher or Master?

We offer a variety of meetings each quarter, in English, French and German. These meetings are moderated by a Validation Teacher. Have a question, want to network with other Presenters and Teachers, or gain inspiration? Make sure that VTI has your correct email address and you’ll receive invitations and reminders – contact

Are you the leader of an Authorized Validation Organization (AVO)?

At these meetings you will connect with other AVOs, network, exchange ideas and find answers to your questions. These meetings are moderated by VTI.