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Certification Courses Offered by AVOs

Certification Courses Offered by AVOs

Level 1 Validation Worker

Courses consist of five, 2-day blocks of training (10 days) spaced over 9 months. Participants practice their Validation skills for a total of 26 weeks with older adults in all four phases of resolution in between lesson blocks.

Level 2 Validation Group Leader

Courses consist of three, 2-day blocks of training (6 days) spaced over 6-9 months. Level I certification is a prerequisite for this course. Participants practice their Group Validation skills in between lesson blocks for a total of 26 weeks. Supervision days are organized between each lesson block.

Level 3 Validation Teacher

Courses consist of two blocks of training. 3 days + 2 days. Level I and Level II certification are prerequisites for this course. Each participant creates his or her own personalized program for development of needed skills with the guidance from the course teacher. This course ends with a Presenter certificate. Presenters offer workshops, presentations, basic courses and supervision.

Level 4 Validation Teacher

Co-training a Level 1 course with an experienced teacher is required to deepen the special pedagogic skills necessary for teaching Validation and put theoretical knowledge into practice. The Validation Teacher certificate is awarded at the successful conclusion of the co-training.

Level 5 Validation Master

Certification is applied for after at least 3 years of teaching experience of all certification levels, mentoring by a current Master and making a significant contribution to the development of Validation theory and practice. These role models form the VTI Education Committee and guide the future development of the Validation method.