Snoezelen is primarily aimed at making contact with old people with severe dementia through the senses and in a safe living environment. They are given the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings through selective stimulation of the senses.


Reminiscence is a set of tools that facilitates the communication between people with dementia and their family members, friends or professionals. Through their own memories, and using triggers as an evocative vehicle, an atmosphere is created where memories can emerge freely and can help to increase the well-being of disoriented people and their network.

Relational Clown

Relational Clown work welcomes the person in their current physical and emotional state using verbal and non-verbal communication, a non-judgemental relationship and clowning techniques.

Relational Care

Relational Care is a broad and concrete approach that considers care for the elderly person with loss of psychological autonomy from a triple perspective: behavioral, affective and cognitive.

Positive Approach® to Care

Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) practitioners use their abilities and skills to develop awareness, knowledge, and skill with all people, that will transform what exists into a more positive culture.


Humanitude is a method of communication and stimulation of the elderly person; treating him as a human being regardless of his pathology and to accompany him with dignity.

Best Friends Approach

Person centered approach with the goal to train master individuals who would then train people within their organizations

Dementia Care Mapping (DCM)

The Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) is a set of tools of observation towards people living with dementia

Level 1: Internet Supported Validation Worker Courses

This document regulates the requirements and authorizations for certification as a Level 1, Validation Worker in an Internet Supported Worker Course

Quality Certification for Institutions: Help for Evaluators

These specific criteria can help with your self-evaluation and provide transparency for certification.

VTI Education Committee

Learn more about the decision making process on issues relating to Validation theory, practice and teaching.

VTI Quality Manual Description

This document describes the Quality Manual, its uses and how it is maintained.

Quality Certification for Institutions Guidelines

These guidelines help care communities discover how they can become a certified Validation Institution.

Quality Certification for Institutions Criteria

The Validation certification for institutions uses these criteria, which can also be used for self-evaluation.

Introduction to the VTI Quality Manual

This Quality Manual provides answers to questions, procedures and materials to Validation Presenters, Teachers, Masters and AVOs. 

Modular Learning Curriculum

This unique course was developed for on-the-job training that combines flexibility and the opportunity to certify caregivers in a care community.

Certified Validation Masters Directory

Level 5, Validation Masters are highly experienced mentors for teachers around the world and developers of the Validation method

Benefits of Validation

An handy guide to what you can expect when using Validation

FAQs for Becoming an AVO

Questions about becoming an Authorized Validation Organization? This brochure answers our most frequently asked questions.

AVO List 2019

Download a list of the Validation training centers and how to contact them.

Or visit our Validation Worldwide page to search by country.

AVO Brochure

Interested in becoming an Authorized Validation Organization? This brochure outlines the advantages and steps to take.

FAQs for Hosting a Validation Worker Course

Want to hold a Worker course in your care community? This easy to follow folder gives you all the information you need.

FAQs for Becoming a Certified Validation Worker

Want to be certified in Validation? This easy to follow folder gives you all the information you need.

Glossary of Validation Terms

A handy reference tool for Validation terminology


An handy guide to what you can expect when using Validation.