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How to Listen Better as a Caregiver Centering Using Color

The Validation technique “Centering” means clearing yourself of thoughts and feelings which as a caregiver will help you listen exquistely to the person you are caring for and communicate openly. In this video, learn how to center yourself by selecting a color that will give you strength as you prepare to interact with the person you are caring for. Remember, centering is the first step in finding empathy with the emotions being expressed by the other person.

How to Listen Better as a Caregiver Centering Using Touch

The Validation technique “Centering” means clearing yourself of thoughts and feelings which as a caregiver will help you listen exquisitely to the person you are caring for and communicate openly. In this video, learn how to center yourself by first finding an “anchor” (a part of your body that you can squeeze comfortably in public) and then think of a situation in which you felt strong. When the strength is most powerful in your thoughts, press your anchor point and then slowly release that pressure.

How to Communicate Better as a Caregiver Using the Correct Tone of Voice

As a caregiver, your voice tone has more impact than the words you say in many cases. To build an open and trusting relationship, use an adult-to-adult voice tone, like you are speaking to a friend. Validation Master Teacher Cinzia Siviero from Italy demonstrates this technique. Remeber, if an older adult is expression emotion; match that emotion in your tone of voice.

What Do You Do When... Video Series

What Do You Do When Your Mother Doesn’t Remember

In this role play, learn what to do and not to do during the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to communicating with an older adult living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. Understand how to use Validation techniques to improve the quality of your relationship with that older adult and experience more pleasure when communicating with them during these difficult times.

What Do You Do When Your Loved One Wants the Car Keys

In this role play, Myrna is an older adult living with Alzheimer’s disease who becomes upset when she cannot have her car keys. The caregiver shows how to diffuse this difficult situation by using rephrasing, asking open questions and reminiscing. When there is trust, it allows for a better relationship and she feels relief.

What Do You Do When An Older Adult Misses Their Family

In this role play, Mrs. Jacobs is upset because her family is not visiting her. Watch as a caregiver, wearing a mask because of the COVID-19 pandemic, uses Validation techniques to help Mrs. Jacobs express her feelings – even painful emotions.

Naomi Feil Videos

Naomi Feil and Gladys Wilson

This video excerpt from Memory Bridge’s documentary, There is a Bridge, features Naomi Feil, the founder of Validation. This video has gone viral and moved millions of people to see disoriented elderly differently.

What is Validation, an interview with Naomi Feil

The developer of Validation explains key elements of the Validation method in this 4 minute interview.

Validation, Communication Through Empathy | Naomi Feil | TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Inspired by her parent’s work with the elderly, Mrs Feil followed them in their footsteps. After graduating with a Masters degree in Social Work, the people she grew up with in Ohio became the people she worked both for and with. Creator of the Validation Theory / Author / Founder of the Validation Training Institute.

Caregiving and COVID-19 Video Series

Caregiving and COVID-19 – 9 Validate Someone Who is Really Angry

Meet Mrs. Simpson who is angry that during the COVID-19 pandemic she cannot go out and feels like a prisoner who is trapped. Learn how to use simple Validation techniques to listen to her feelings and understand her needs. You can tap into her own history for resources and somtimes just being with her is enough.

Caregiving and COVID-19 – 6 Validate Even From a Distance

Physical distance, doesn’t mean emotional distance especially when working with disoriented older adults. As a caregiver, your eyes are a way to connect with care. Learn how to build trust quickly by building empathy. Meet 82-year-old Mrs. White, she is confused and doesn’t remember anything about the pandemic. She does remember that when she was a girl the world was at war. Knowing this background a caregiver can feel the emotion she is experiencing and use that empathy to effectively communicate.

Caregiving and COVID-19 – 7 Validate Using Zoom

Meet Mrs. White, an 82-year-old woman who is confused in time, place and person. Learn how to use simple Validation techniques to communicate effectively and empathetically with her as a caregiver while wearing a mask and using Zoom.

Caregiver - Self Care Video Series

3 Hand Reflexology Exercises in Just 6 Minutes

Oran Aviv, a certified Reflexology and Validation Teacher, offers stress-relieving exercises you can do anywhere and anytime.

Take a 5 Minute Sitting Yoga Class
Lena de Klerk leads a simple yoga class, focusing on breathing and letting go of tension. You can do this one during your lunch break, anytime, anywhere.
A 3 Minute Visit to the Atlantic Ocean
Some of you might enjoy the sound of waves on the sand, the clear blue sky and twinkling of the sun on the water. Thanks to Terry Gallagher, you have a perfect moment of peace on the beach. (No instructions, just relaxation.)


Validation in Jerusalem: Transform the Way You Communicate
Nancy Brown, a Validation teacher and professional staff member at the the Melabev Day Center for the Elderly in Jerusalem. She has worked in the dementia field for 15 years and shares that nothing has transformed the way they communicate with their clients more than Validation. “I try to step into their shoes and understand their emotions and concerns.”
Family Caregiver Uses Validation to Communicate with Father Living with Vision and Hearing Loss
Family caregiver Chris Byrne explains how many of the Validation techniques were helpful to him when caring for his aging father. His father was not living with dementia but instead had hearing and vision loss. Using Validation, Chris was able to improve communication with his father at the end of his life. “I will always be grateful for having those tools.”
Family Caregiver Uses Validation to Connect with Mother Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Family caregiver Stacey Hand describes her experience caring for her mother-in-law who was in her late 80s and living with dementia and confusion before she died. She didn’t know how to respond to her mother-in-law’s needs. After she passed away, Stacey discovered Validation. She was then able to use those skills to help her own mother who was living with Alzheimer’s disease. Validation made all the difference. “I wish I had known 10 years ago what I know now.”

Vicki de Klerk Videos

Vicki de Klerk of Validation Training Institute | accessiBe’s Spotlight Sessions

Vicki shared thoughts on the following topics:
1. Her mother’s journey to develop the validation method, a new way of connecting and communicating with people who have a cognitive decline.
2. The importance of practice in the field and learning how to communicate with older adults with cognitive issues.
3. How using validation techniques can lead to amazing and necessary connections between older adults and caretakers.
4. What she wishes people were conscious of when working with older adults.

Gain Empathy with the Reactions of Older Adults to COVID-19

An interactive webinar with Vicki de Klerk-Rubin, the Executive Director of the Validation Training Institute (VTI). The Validation method motivates older adults with cognitive decline to communicate more, relieve stress, and enhance dignity and happiness in their final stage of life. The COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine have been a trigger for many older adults living with cognitive decline and a reason why so many residents in nursing homes and memory care communities are experiencing anger, sadness and withdrawal. Along with the increased isolation they are living with, many older adults have also experienced a trauma or crisis earlier in their lives and unresolved feelings from those events are being brought to the surface during this current global event.

Family Caregiver Course Research Results

Vicki de Klerk-Rubin, Executive Director of the Validation Training Institute presented a poster presentation at the 2021 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. This poster was entitled, ” Maintaining Pedagogic Excellence in Family Carer Training Using Online Learning,” and it described how VTI’s 18-week Family Caregiver Course was successful in changing attitudes, increasing feelings of competence and aiding family caregivers.

Caregivers – Take Care of Yourselves So You Can Care for Others

Join Validation Training Institute Executive Director and Validation Master Vicki de Klerk-Rubin for a 30-minute webinar to get new ideas and inspiration