Naomi Feil Workshops


Naomi Feil Workshops

Naomi Feil in Workshop

This three-part documentary is a Validation Breakthrough. Naomi Feil travelled the world giving over 2000 workshops from the 1970s until recently. If you haven’t seen her remarkable introduction to the Validation method –  now you can. If you have, re-live those moments.
Naomi role-plays, explains, shows videos and leads exercises with audience interaction. Experience the event. Key concepts and Naomi’s power points are included at the end of each video.

This three-part documentary is a Validation Breakthrough!

Everyone can now experience Naomi’s wisdom. Re-live and remind yourself of the key concepts of Validation. Make this part of your ‘on-boarding’ of new colleagues. Use in online learning

Part 1: Understanding Aging and the Disoriented Very Old Person
Part 2: Validation Techniques To Communicate
Part 3: Empathy is the Bridge to Building Relationships

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Oct 22, 2020
1pm - 5pm

Akron, OH


Naomi Feil live Q & A Webinars, in association with Memory Bridge

Ask your questions, get real-time answers from the developer of the Validation method.

From her home in Oregon, Naomi shares her wealth of wisdom with Michael Verde from Memory Bridge, as she teaches the principles and techniques of Validation. At 88 years of age, Naomi offers her unique exploration of the world of very old people living with cognitive decline. 

You can register for these webinars on the Memory Bridge website. 

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