Donation of the Required Minimum

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Donation of the Required Minimum Distribution of a Retirement Fund with the Qualified Charitable Deduction

Supporting VTI in this way offers many advantages, including:

  • Financial: by directly donating from your traditional IRA, the amount is excluded from taxable income.
  • Simplicity: a call to your advisor or IRA custodian should enable you to do a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).
  • Enduring: your Endowment Fund contribution will make it possible for VTI to continue with financial stability.
  • Recognition: a contribution to the Endowment Fund qualifies you for a permanent place on our Wall of Honor. Donors of over $10,000 will be offered free, online coaching by Vicki de Klerk-Rubin (Validation Master) for as long as required by the donor.

Money from an individual retirement account can be donated to charity. What’s more, if you’ve reached the age where you need to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your traditional IRAs, you can avoid paying taxes on them by donating that money to charity. This tax break was made permanent in 2015.

Funds should be transferred directly from your IRA custodian to the Validation Training Institute Endowment Fund in order to be excluded from taxable income. This is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution.

This holds true for traditional IRAs, Inherited IRAs, SEP IRA (inactive plans only) and SIMPLE IRAs (inactive plans only)

The IRA custodian should send a check made out to the Validation Training Institute and mailed to Validation Training Institute to the attention of Molly Balunek at Endeavor Wealth Advisors, 29525 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 300, Pepper Pike, OH 44122.

Please contact your financial advisor for more information and to initiate a QCD.

Please contact us directly for details you may need to provide to your advisor.