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VTI’s SWOT Analysis

The VTI Board is made up of volunteers who love and support the Validation method and Naomi Feil, its founder. We come from Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. We usually meet digitally using video conferencing but once a year we actually meet in person to strategize the coming year. Last month we met in D.C. and did a lot of brainstorming. Using marketing terminology, we did a SWOT analysis of VTI.

What are our STRENGTHS?

  • A Validation Practitioner has in-depth knowledge and integrated skills
  • The method is holistic and complete
  • Validation certification is recognized all over the world
  • History of Validation is unique – we stand out because of Naomi Feil’s pioneer work.
  • Validation is a path, we are not mechanical; it is an art not a prescription.
  • Validation courses are a commitment to offering a challenging approach that offers a method that works when others fail.
  • Our company’s long-term strategic approach ensures sustainability.
  • Our institutional structure and quality standards are top of the line.
  • The Validation method can grow in an integral and protected way, there’s not a lot of ‘wild growth.’


  • It takes a long time to learn and integrate the method in daily practice (compared to other methods on the market.)
  • What happens if we lose Naomi?
  • It’s complicated trying to explain the ‘return on investment’ that Validation training offers.
  • We don’t have enough ‘gold standard’ research statistics. (quantitative, double blind, controlled study)
  • VTI has difficulty supporting AVO development around the world.
  • VTI has financial insecurity.


  • The population of people with cognitive decline is increasing
  • Collaboration with other organizations – get to a bigger platform.
  • We have a lot of users around the world.
  • Home health care workers is a growing market.
  • ‘Virtual’ courses, internet supported courses, courses focused on specific professional groups (1st Reponders, Home Healthcare workers, Activity Professionals, etc.)
  • There are many parts of the U.S. that are behind the times, concerning care for older adults with cognitive decline, and NEED Validation.
  • Partnering with large companies would introduce Validation training in different markets.

What are VTI’s THREATS?

  • Validation training requires an investment of time and money
  • Many organizations feel the pull of technology and the ‘quick fix, despite the lack of value in the long-term.
  • If our competitors start to offer more in-depth training.

Strategies for the Future

Looking at these statements helps us strategize for the coming years and prepare.

  • By the end of 2018, VTI is planning to create a professional marketing plan and put it into action in 2019. First step will be to make our website more user-friendly and modern; second step will be to market Validation to a broad audience more effectively.
  • We’ll be continuing our series of “How-to”videos, offering our YouTube viewers simple Validation techniques they can use every day.
  • VTI is looking for new partnerships with organizations to offer Validation training
  • VTI will build new training programs for 1st Responders, Activity Professionals, and Home #Caregivers

We want the input of our community to help us. What do you see that we have not yet seen? I welcome your thoughts.

Vicki de Klerk-Rubin, Executive Director of VTI