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The Netflix of dementia care

Like a growing number of families and care facilities, you may have heard about Memory Lane TV.  This behavioral intervention has leveraged 50 years of research to deliver over 1,000 hours of content specifically adapted to people living with cognitive decline, dementia and memory loss. It is a unique streaming platform using multi-sensory tools (even aromatherapy) to increase well-being for both people living with dementia AND their caregivers.  

How does it work? Memory Lane TV is a digital platform, accessible just like Netflix via a Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Firestick, or simply your tablet or computer. The programs activate memories and bring joy. It is effectively a media streaming service (like Netflix or Hulu), so it is very easy to use and is widely available, but all the content is scientifically designed to be therapeutically helpful.

The robust selection of plot-free programming includes:

  • Guided imagery and meditation
  • Images of animals and nature
  • Snippets of classic films, television shows, cartoons, historical moments, and other programming designed to promote therapeutic reminiscence
  • A trivia channel featuring rich, engaging audio-visual material
  • A channel focused on food options that can stimulate appetite and interest in eating
  • Virtual tours through cities and naturescapes around the world
  • Gentle yoga
  • A variety of music, including karaoke sing-along ready options and calming sonic journeys 
  • Therapeutic soundscapes, shown to influence mood and promote specific states, such as relaxation, alertness, or improved appetite
  • Channels that gently cue viewers to the season and time of day, for example, footage of snow softly falling on a winter night

And most importantly a caregiver channel where you can find some videos from VTI.

An image is worth 1,000 words, check this short overview video to look at their service:

Backed by solid scientific research, the multi-sensory stimulation offered on Memory Lane TV has been proven to help elevate mood and reduce stress and anxiety. When paired with specially-selected aromatherapy options, the result is an even fuller sensory-immersion experience with even stronger benefits.

Memory Lane TV is proud and honored to feature some of the content of VTI in the caregiver channel. Because care taking is so centric to the wellness of people living with dementia, training and education but most importantly an introduction to Naomi Feil’s unique approach to care is essential and now is part of the solution offered by Memory Lane TV. 


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