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Almaya: An app for recording and safekeeping life stories today, and forever.

Life is full of precious moments that we wish could last forever, especially when someone we love is struggling with memory loss. We just want to hold onto those special moments for as long as we can. But the big question is: What if the moment to safekeep all of those memories has arrived?

Almaya is an app designed to help people preserve their memories and stories for their loved ones, today and forever. The app offers over 500 prompts for the storyteller to answer, creating a space where their families will be able to connect with them forever.

It’s not just a place to store your stories, it’s a space where you can capture experiences and create a full emotional biography of a person. It’s all done through six special categories – History, Advice, Joy, Future, Recipes, and Wisdom – each with its own set of subcategories and thought-provoking questions about their life to answer. 

The available prompts were designed by a team of psychologists and philosophers and go from simple questions such as “What’s your favorite food?” to more deep and complex ones, like “If you were 18 years old again, what would you do differently?”. This wide range of options allows for it to accommodate people with different needs and cognitive abilities.

This experience is both fun and easy, and can be done alone or with someone’s help.

Almaya and VTI are aligned in their shared principles of being person-centered, and recognizing and valuing the importance of family and care networks. These values are reflected in both organizations, representing a deep commitment to excellence in care and support.

By partnering with Almaya, VTI provides caretakers with a powerful tool for recording and preserving the memories and life stories of their clients. This can help caretakers build stronger connections with them and provide more personalized care.

Some of the things that VTI practitioners can do with Almaya are the following:

  • Finding inspiration for validating with clients, looking over the hundreds of prompts.
  • Recording the client’s biography for supervision and to safekeep it.
  • Showing clients a fun and stimulating activity they can do on their own or with their families, in the comfort of their homes or wherever they are.
  • Allow for a timeless connection, even for those who are apart, by sharing the recorded content with the client’s loved ones, and making them feel closer.

This partnership began when Almaya was in early stages of development and this allowed VTI to include its very own section in it! When VTI practitioners download Almaya, they will be able to see 3 “Chapters” made specifically by VTI, with curated questions that can enrich any validation process. 

The selected questions aim to help the practitioner with building a biography, a key part of the validation process.

In order to try out Almaya, you just have to click here and download the app on your smartphone, you can try it by creating your own Almaya, getting to see first hand how your loved ones react to it and the way it makes you feel to tell such an important piece of your story. Almaya will ensure to safekeep all your recorded content, making a Legacy that will last and be a gift for new generations.

Right now, the app is available in English and Spanish, but we are working on bringing in new languages soon. 

A special 90 day free trial of our PRO version’s annual plan is available for VTI Practitioners. You can access it by entering the code 90FREE when creating your account. 

Learn more about Almaya at and check out our promo video here: