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Session 1: The Need to Be Useful – Validation World Congress 2023

Naomi Feil’s Validation method emphasizes the importance of examining the possible needs of an individual with cognitive change, recognizing that unfulfilled needs may be the reason behind a behavior. 

Naomi Feil shared what it means to her to live her life to the fullest at age 90, expressing her desire to continue working and sharing her life’s work. 

Myra Garcia, another panelist, is living with young-onset Alzheimer’s and can no longer hold a regular job due to her memory issues.  Today Myra educates people about dementia so others will understand that people living with cognitive change still have much to offer. Myra shared her desire to continue to educate the public as this way she feels she is living her life to the fullest. 

Despite their different backgrounds and situations, both women share the same basic human needs: to feel useful, to be recognized, and to be esteemed, despite any cognitive changes they may be experiencing due to old age or dementia.