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Session 3: Person-Centered Care Methods – Validation World Congress 2023

Montessori Method for People with Dementia: Dr. Cameron Camp explained that the Montessori method not only teaches empathy, mindfulness, common humanity, and kindness, but it can also help people with dementia acquire new tools and understanding. This challenges the common assumption that individuals with cognitive impairment cannot learn something new. As professionals and caregivers, we often default to doing things for individuals with dementia instead of teaching them. By providing people living with dementia with the capacity and agency to learn, we can help them maintain their independence and dignity.

A Well-Being Approach to Dementia: Dr. Allen Power gave a new definition of dementia “Dementia is a shift in the way people experience the world around them”.  When ‘well-being’ becomes the primary goal, you need a strengths-based framework of care.  Fulfilling basic human needs such as identity, connectedness, autonomy, security, growth, and meaning in life, lead to joy. Listen to Al’s song about labeling and learn the key to good caregiving, ‘Turn your backs on the “behavior,” and build the ‘ramps’ to well-being!’