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Meridian Senior Living—a Long-Time Partner—Becomes an AVO

It gives me great pleasure to announce that after many years of using Validation in our communities we are now an official Accredited Validation Organization with all of the right and privileges Thereof. We join a worldwide organization who has been at the forefront of bettering the lives of people with Cognitive Impairments through the use of Validation Techniques and education. Although there are many other proven methods Validation has been around the longest and has influenced more people worldwide. For me this is the culmination of a goal I set ten years ago to become Accredited.

What this means to you. We already incorporate Validation into our MMIT training so our day to day life does not change but as stated above we can now announce to our communities that our training platform is Accredited. It also affords us training paths for those who wish to become certified and opportunities to train not only our staff but offer the trainings to the community at large using Certified Validation Trainers.

Over the years we have seen the Validation techniques create incredible experiences for the residents, families and caregivers. With use of Validation we are able to create more moments of understanding for our staff to be able to create priceless moments of peace and safety for our residents. Our partnership with VTI is one of our most important as it gives value to our residents, families and staff.