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New AVO in Southern Germany: AVA Demenz gGmbH (Academy for Validation and Dementia)

Since March 1, there is a new Authorized Validation Organization (AVO) in Neuffen, about 40 km from Stuttgart: AVA Demenz gGmbH. Stephani Maser (occupational therapist, supervisor and Validation Teacher) founded the company at the beginning of the year and leads AVA Demenz as Managing Director. 

The AVA Demenz aims to make a variety of offerings available to employees, relatives and volunteers who work in care and support of people with cognitive impairments. This includes lectures, workshops and one-day training courses as well as courses for relatives and further training for nursing and care staff. Networking, such as participation in the Dementia Network, and offering support and advice for employees and relatives in two Assisted Living facilities, are also services the company offers. 

The most important pillar of AVA Demenz is offering training courses in the Validation method. As an experienced Certified Validation Teacher, Stephani Maser offers a wide range of possible trainings. In the last 10 years, she has worked with various educational institutions and also taught several Certified Worker and Group Leader courses. With the founding this company, she was able to enter into an AVO contract with VTI and can now plan and offer certified courses directly from Neuffen/Southern Germany.

At the moment workshops, basic courses and a certified Level I course for Validation Workers are running. In addition, Ms. Maser is currently also working as a course instructor in a Level I course in Luxembourg, which is certified by the AVO of the Diakonissen Speyer. Networking  with the other two AVOs in Germany (Diakonissen Speyer and Unionhilfswerk Palliative Geriatrie Berlin) as well as cooperation with training providers and organizations is one of the principles of the new AVO. 

Pulling together and strengthening Validation in Germany is very important to Stephani Maser. Therefore, she will not be the lone Validation Teacher at AVA Demenz for long. Contact with other Validation Presenters and Teachers has already been established and will be expanded in the future.

If you are interested in AVA Demenz gGmbH, you are welcome to visit the website or contact Stephani Maser by e-mail.


AVA Demenz gGmbH (Academy for Validation and Dementia)

Hauptstrasse 47
72639 Neuffen, Germany
Contact: Stephani Maser, certified validation teacher