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VTI is proud to announce two new partners: Center for Applied Research in Dementia and accessiBe

VTI is a small, non-profit organization in a large sector of the health care industry. There are a lot of us small non-profits in this industry and some share the same values without being competitive. These make ideal partners for VTI. Together we can help build a world where older adults (with or without disorientation) are treated with respect, honored and accepted as they are. We support each other in ways that make sense for each organization.

The Center for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD) works with the Montessori method for people living with dementia. Cameron Camp has been a pioneer in elder care. Plus, he’s a great guy. We look forward to supporting each other in a variety of ways, including co-hosting a digital conference in September. More on that to follow.

AccessiBe is an organization that makes websites more accessible to people with disabilities. While older adults living with cognitive decline may not fall immediately to mind when one speaks of disabilities, there are certainly many people with seeing, hearing or other impairments who are caring for aging parents and grandparents. We want our training to be available to everyone. So we have started making our website more accessible with AccessiBe! And we’re proud to join their ranks of non-profit members.


Do you think your organization would be a good fit to partner with VTI?

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