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Almaya and VTI: Empowering Caregivers Together

Almaya, a unique app, is here to help preserve memories and stories securely, today and forever. With more than 500 questions, it guides the user to share their anecdotes, advice, and opinions. 

On September 10, 2023, Almaya and VTI will join forces, transforming caregiving through an innovative tool. This partnership is a big step towards better understanding and validating those under caregivers’ care.

Almaya: Your Memories, Safeguarded

Think of Almaya as a digital time capsule. It’s more than an app; it’s a doorway to a journey that blends past, present, and future. Covering History, Advice, Joy, Messages, Recipes, and Wisdom, Almaya captures memories with thoughtful questions, creating personal stories that come alive.

Webinar: Shaping the Future of Caregiving

Circle September 1, 2023, for the webinar where Almaya and VTI introduce this groundbreaking app. Attendants can enjoy personalized onboarding sessions with Almaya experts, elevating caregiving experiences.

Secure your spot at to explore this transformative journey. Discover the power of Almaya, and together, let’s create enduring legacies through memory preservation.

For more information about Almaya, visit Explore the project and download the app to try the free version, starting your journey towards empowered caregiving.