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#IValidate2Connect: Will You Help Us Reach $5,000 Today?

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Validation makes a difference. Just ask G. Michael Leader, CEO of Country Meadows Retirement Communities.

Meridian Senior Living’s Liberty Court Community in Dixon, Ill., shows its support for the #IValidate2Connect campaign

“Validation has allowed our caregivers to connect with and better understand our residents,” Mr. Leader told VTI. “Caregiver stress is lowered, and our caregivers trained in Validation feel they have more tools with which to navigate difficult situations. Validation has allowed us to make our residents AND our caregivers happier!”

It not only helps professional caregivers, but family members, too.

“I was frustrated and didn’t know where to turn (for caregiver support),” wrote Jackie Schoenbaum, a Certified Validation Worker. “I began using Validation with my father. My anxiety completely disappeared. I began enjoying my visits with my Dad. My relationship with my dad was fantastic. We went out to lunch every Thursday. And best of all I was able to wean him all of all his medication.”

Meridian Senior Living’s Ramsey Woods Assisted Living in Cudahy, Wisc., shows its support for the #IValidate2Connect campaign

We want to share the Validation Method with as many caregivers and older adults as we possibly can, but to do our work we need your help! So far, you’ve supported us in raising $3,100-plus during our first #IValidate2Connect campaign  to support the biggest Validation study ever.

And good news: If you haven’t donated but want to, there’s no better time than now! That’s because last week a gracious donor offered to match up to $2,500 for any funds raised between now and this Saturday when the campaign ends.

That means if you help us raise $2,500, it will turn into $5,000.

Did you know your support will help start a chain reaction?

(1) Next year, we will be writing grants/seeking funds for the Validation study. If we can show grant funders that our supporters (that’s you) have invested in us (the #IValidate2Connect campaign), the more likely we are to be successful in our request. Every single dollar helps.

(2) Once we have grant funding, we will conduct the study.

(3) Study results will fuel additional funding opportunities that keep our nonprofit fully sustainable. 

All of this starts with YOU. Thank you, and please help us finish strong!