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Thank You for Supporting ‘I Validate to Connect’!

The 2016 “I Validate to Connect” campaign officially ended on Oct. 15. This was VTI’s first fundraising/advocacy campaign, and a chance for you (our supporters) to show you value Validation as a means for caregivers to connect with older adults experiencing dementia/disorientation.

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In 2015, supporters helped VTI raise approximately $50,000 to support the hiring of the organization’s first grant writer. This year, the “I Validate to Connect” goal was to raise $20,000 to help provide seed funding for the largest Validation study ever conducted and to spread the word about Validation in general. In the end, we raised more than $8,000 of that goal thanks to your efforts.

Supporters also stepped up to advocate for the Validation Method by using the hashtag “#IValidate2Connect” in their social media and sharing photos holding handmade “#IValidate2Connect” signs. This included dozens of employees and residents at Meridian Senior Living, our campaign’s generous Foundation Level Sponsor ($2,500).

Meridian Senior Living’s The Landing of Canton in Canton, Ohio, shows its support for the #IValidate2Connect campaign

In addition to many more anonymous donors not listed below, supporters of the 2016 “I Validate to Connect” campaign included:

  • Marie A. Amoroso
  • Scott Averill
  • Catherine J. Borrie
  • Frances Bulloff
  • Kevin W. Carlin
  • Edward Feil
  • Naomi Feil
  • Miriam Hart
  • Kathryn Hellerstein
  • Stephen Klotz
  • Andrea Knutson
  • Daniel Kranitz
  • Meridian Senior Living
  • Fabiola Ramirez
  • Victoria de Klerk-Rubin
  • Marcia H. Schoppik
  • Charles de Vilmorin
  • Matching donation: In Memory of Linda Kalver

Thank you to everyone who stepped up, either financially or by helping us spread the word about the campaign through social media. Next year, we will be back with our second “I Validate to Connect” campaign, so stay tuned. Thank you!