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Dear VTI Supporters: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

“When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.”

– Vietnamese Proverb

What a lovely quote, beautiful and powerful in its simplicity. And for the Validation Training Institute (VTI), so very pertinent.

For VTI, a nonprofit founded in 1984, realizing that the fruits of our labor genuinely depends on you, our many supporters. You are the planters of our garden. Whether it’s financial support, sharing Validation information on social media or participating in a Validation workshop or class, your contributions are essential to our work.Validation Method, caregivers, dementia

To illustrate this point, consider the following facts:

  • Your support helps extend the reach of 10,000 dementia care communities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia; 88,000-plus people who have attended Validation workshops; and 6,000-plus Validation-certified caregivers practicing Validation worldwide.
  • Your support pays for our ability to do more: We are able to increase quality in teaching by keeping track of quality criteria (continuing education requirements for teachers and authorized curricula) and enhance concerted communication with our certified Validation Teachers around the world.
  • Your support helps us make VTI sustainable into the future by hiring professionals instead of depending on volunteers.

Today, we want to recognize you for planting our garden with your support and helping us to grow.

In that spirit, we have created a Supporter page that lists every financial donor (minus those who wished to remain anonymous) we’ve had since 2015. This list will be updated annually. We want to proudly and visibly recognize those who have gotten us to where we are.

It’s our way to say “thanks” for helping us with our continuing work to help the older adults and caregivers around the world whose lives are enriched through Validation. And of course we invite you to add your name to this list with a donation (and hope you do)!

From all of us at VTI, thank YOU!