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Tech Company Partners with Validation Training Institute

IEQ Technology in Springfield, Ore., steps up to help VTI with technology services.

Editor’s note: The Validation Training Institute (VTI) depends on a large network of outside organizations to accomplish its work. Moving into the future, VTI seeks to recognize these groups through “Partner Appreciation” articles that highlight their important contributions. Today is the first installment in that series. 

From the time he and his wife, Jenny, founded IEQ Technology in 2011, IEQ President Timothy G. Woolley said giving back to the community was an important piece of his company’s operational plans.

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“For a small company we do quite a bit of philanthropic work,” Timothy Woolley said. “We feel that providing support to worthy causes is something that every company has a moral obligation to pursue. While small companies can’t contribute as much as larger organizations we feel that we can all find ways to be helpful that are within our means.”

IEQ Technology is a software development and consulting firm specializing in business, research and e-learning software. The company employs a total of nine people that includes software engineers, developers, designers and office staff.

Similar to the Validation Training Institute, the business is based in Springfield, Ore. In addition to creating a culture that emphasizes giving back, it was this close proximity that helped lead to IEQ’s connection with VTI. Beginning in the summer of 2016, IEQ Technology will provide hosting and support services for VTI’s Web site and e-mail.

“VTI depends greatly on technology for its operations, especially considering that the people we serve—as well as our staff—are based in remote locations spread across the planet,” said Vicki de Klerk-Rubin, VTI’s executive director. “Web hosting and related technology support services are some of our most significant expenses, so this contribution is huge for us. We are extremely grateful for IEQ Technology’s generosity.”

Timothy Woolley said his company hopes to help VTI with its mission well into the future.

“We plan on being a long-term partner with the Validation Training Institute, providing any services that we are capable of providing,” he said. “We feel that the work VTI does is meaningful and most importantly, kind. We’re happy to support its mission.”