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VTI Launching Monthly (Free) Online Validation Support Group

Validation Teacher Olga Lavault is partnering with VTI to offer a monthly support group for Validation practitioners worldwide.

Are you using Validation and having difficulties? Are you feeling alone in your efforts to use Validation? Are you seeking inspiration in your work with older adults experiencing disorientation?

To help address these concerns and more, Validation teacher Olga Lavault will offer a monthly support group using VTI’s online meeting platform starting later this month. Attendees can expect:

  • Coaching and new ideas for handling problem situations
  • Opportunities for networking with others in a similar situation.
  • Encouragement and inspiration from fellow attendees to advance with the Validation skills you have worked hard to develop


  • The last Wednesday of each month
  • 5 p.m. PST, 8 p.m. EST (United States)
  • First meeting: February 22, 2017


  • Online: when you register for the group, you will receive an invitation link via e-mail

What you need to participate

  • A computer with Internet access
  • A Web camera
  • Speakers and microphone (most laptops have built-in cameras and microphones)

How to register?

E-mail Validation Training Institute Manager Jana Stoddard at jana (at) vfvalidation (dot) org

About Olga Lavault

validation, dementia, Odile Lavault

Recreation therapist, musician and educator, Olga Lavault is passionate about communication with seniors living with memory-loss and disorientation. Olga has worked in short- and long-term skilled nursing, acute psychiatric geriatric hospital and family care-partners support in the San Francisco area. Since becoming a certified Validation teacher, in 2012, Olga has been mentoring certified Validation workers through an internship program and on-line coaching.