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VTI Assembling Worldwide Validation Speakers List

The nonprofit invites Validation Presenters and Teachers who have maintained continuing education and supervision requirements to join the new list, which will be shared with conference organizers seeking speakers.

The Validation Training Institute (VTI) is taking a giant step to maintain quality in Validation training worldwide—while making it easier for conference organizers to find Validation speakers—with the creation of a VTI Worldwide Speakers List.


“One of the most important qualities that makes Validation training consistently excellent are the standards required of Validation Teachers,” said VTI Executive Director Vicki de Klerk-Rubin. “This differentiates Validation Teachers from presenters of other ‘person-centered’ methods. High quality training is part of the VTI mission.”

According to the VTI Quality Manual, Validation Presenters and Teachers must have some sort of continuing education every year AND a supervision one time every five years. To monitor these activities, VTI maintains a registry of every person certified at Level 3 (Presenters/Teachers). Currently, there are 388 people who have completed this level of training, worldwide.

Using this registry, VTI will create a Speakers List. Information for the Speakers List will include:

  • Contact information
  • Languages spoken
  • Area/s willing to travel to speak
  • Country of residence

Teachers and Presenters who maintain their continuing education and supervision requirements are identified by VTI as recommended Validation spokespeople. The database is updated annually by VTI as new information is received. To ensure this information is current, Validation Presenters and Teachers should:

  • Fill in forms provided by VTI
  • Scan and provide VTI with all documentation related to continuing education and/or supervision on a regular basis.

This new Speakers List will help VTI to grow, said de Klerk-Rubin.

“Presenting Validation at conferences helps spread quality information and promote Validation,” said de Klerk-Rubin.

If you would like to be placed on the Worldwide Validation Speakers list or update your information, contact VTI Manager Jana Stoddard via e-mail at info (at) vfvalidation (dot) org .

VTI has future plans to maintain a list of important worldwide conferences so that Presenters and Teachers have better access to this information, so stay tuned for further updates!