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Validation Mentioned in Dr. Goldman’s Book “The Power of Kindness”

In his new bestseller The Power of Kindness, emergency physician and broadcaster Dr. Brian Goldman leaves the comfortable, familiar surroundings of the hospital in search of his own lost compassion. A top neuroscientist performs an MRI scan of his brain to see if he is hard-wired for empathy. A researcher at Western University probes his personality to learn if he has the traits of a psychopath. Goldman circles the planet to learn from some of the kindest people alive. At a long-term care home in rural Pennsylvania, he meets caregivers who practice Validation, an extraordinarily effective method that helps them unlock buried memories and feelings in seniors with advanced dementia. He meets Validation’s celebrated creator Naomi Feil, and learns how her uncanny gift for empathy helped turn a painful secret into a method that’s gaining traction in America and around the world. How effective is Validation? A young student tells Goldman the time she talked a gun-wielding robber into walking away from his crime. Powerful and engaging, The Power of Kindness takes us far from the theatre of medicine and into the world at large, and investigates why kindness is so vital to our existence. Goldman’s book is available online and in bookstores now. #PowerOfKindness2018