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12 Days of Giving with Purpose

12 Days of Giving with Purpose

The Validation Training Institute (VTI) is happy to announce that it will  launch its annual Fall Fundraising campaign this month! This year the theme is “12 Days of Giving with Purpose.” If you aren’t familiar with the Validation method, take a moment to watch this inspiring video.

The fundraiser will begin on Wednesday, November 27th and will highlight an organization or a person who has helped VTI grow during each day of the 12-day campaign.

VTI would like to raise $10,000 this year and the money will be used to achieve the following:

  • Promote the use of Validation around the world
  • Develop training programs and assure the quality of Validation teaching materials
  • Support the growth of our Authorized Validation Organization network

Thanks to the generosity of donors over the years, VTI has grown into a network of 6,477 Validation certified workers, 925 group leaders, 429 teachers and 17 master teachers, globally. There are 23 Authorized Validation Organizations (AVOs) in 12 countries across Europe, Asia and North America.

VTI’s wants to ensure that Naomi Feil’s incredible legacy can be sustained well into the future and no donation is too small. Please considering making a donation on November 27th at:

We have so much more work to do and your donation will help us bring Validation to every corner of the globe!