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Where has VTI been and where’s it going?

This past year has been marked by many highs and one significant low. Let’s start with the highs.

  • VTI reached out to younger people who struggle to relate to aging parents. Our first Spring Fundraiser reached its modest goal.
  • Validation was represented at many conferences around the world.
  • The 2nd World Congress, featuring Naomi Feil, Myra Garcia, Hende Bauer, Al Power, and Cameron Camp was such a huge success that we entered a partnership with Dr. Camp’s organization CARD. Together with Linked Senior, we organized a new online Congress – Decoding Dementia, which was also a huge success.
  • VTI, in partnership with Meridian Senior Living, completed an Internet Supported Worker course (based in Texas).
  • The beta testing of a new training, Validation for Physicians proved to be quite successful. we’ll be offering this 
  • This year, VTI collected data on all our training, in the form of pre and post-surveys. This data will provide critical information on the quality of Validation training and help us gain acceptance.
  • We have a new Authorized Validation Organization in southern Germany.
  • VTI’s online support meetings now include Talk & Techniques (for everyone), Teacher meetings in English, French and German, and AVO meetings four times each year.
  • All our outreach efforts have increased our Validation community by over 1000 people.
  • The bi-monthly Newsletter has consistently received high marks from our community.

Where are we going in 2024?

We plan to continue every project we started in 2023, increase our Validation community and continue to spread Validation around the world. We will show data that our training is of the highest quality. We’ll keep updating our literature, professionalize how we run our company and bring our Endowment Fund to $2,000,000, thus ensuring the future of VTI.

And now for the sad news of 2023. We are in the process of losing our founder, Naomi Feil. I’m sure everyone who reads this has visited the Forum dedicated to maintaining contact and communication between Naomi and the Validation community. If you haven’t visited the Forum recently, I urge you to do so. Naomi speaks so honestly about life and death, it’s a lesson in how to face the end of life. She continues to offer her wisdom up until her end.

Wishing you all a compassionate holiday season,