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Senior Living L’Amore – China AVO Feature






Senior Living L’Amore was founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Sino-Ocean Group. With the vision of “sharing a happy life,” we are committed to becoming the leading operator of residential community living in China. Senior Living L’Amore has nearly 30 institutions nationwide, serving over 4000 seniors.

In 2015, Senior Living L’Amore achieved a significant milestone by becoming the only AVO in China. This unique position is a testament to our dedication and expertise in the field. As an AVO, our short-term goal is to cultivate more Certified Validation Workers to serve the older adults living in our communities, providing them with high-quality memory care services. Our long-term goal is to train Certified Validation Teachers who will promote Validation more widely in China, a mission that we believe will make a significant difference in the elder care industry.

We began our first Validation Level 1 training since the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2024 and plan to complete all blocks by the end of December 2024.  In Beijing, we have gathered outstanding frontline caregivers and managers from 26 institutions representing 7 cities. Nancy Brown, Certified Validation Teacher, is providing the training and supervising two co-teachers.  Upon successful completion of their co-training, these 2 individuals will represent the first Certified Validation Teachers in China, along with an additional cadre of new Level 1 Certification Validation Workers.  This will be a milestone in the development of Validation in China.