Naomi Feil in Workshop

This three-part documentary is a Validation Breakthrough. Naomi Feil travelled the world giving over 2000 workshops from the 1970s until recently. If you haven’t seen her remarkable introduction to the Validation method –  now you can. If you have, re-live those moments.
Naomi role-plays, explains, shows videos and leads exercises with audience interaction. Experience the event. Key concepts and Naomi’s power points are included at the end of each video.

This three-part documentary is a Validation Breakthrough!

Everyone can now experience Naomi’s wisdom. Re-live and remind yourself of the key concepts of Validation. Make this part of your ‘on-boarding’ of new colleagues. Use in online learning

Part 1: Understanding Aging and the Disoriented Very Old Person
Part 2: Validation Techniques To Communicate
Part 3: Empathy is the Bridge to Building Relationships

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