Coaching Sessions For Online Teaching


The coaching sessions have been developed as a follow-up to the HOW TO TEACH VALIDATION ONLINE course. They take place online through Zoom meetings. Practice-based sessions are led by a Certified Validation Teacher, Odile Lavault, who teaches the French edition of the HOW TO TEACH VALIDATION ONLINE course.

Download the tutoring and coaching sessions brochure here

The coaching will center on finding online ways to translate the specific exercises of Validation courses and presentations. Registration is only open to Validation teachers or presenters who have taken the HOW TO TEACH VALIDATION ONLINE course. Once registered, the participant will be contacted by the teacher, in order to define the content of the coaching session.

Schedule: Upon registration, the teacher will contact participants to schedule the session.
Participants: Max 1 per session
Session duration:  1-2 hours
Price: $70 per hour


  • Adaptation of Validation teachings online
  • Construction of sequences
  • Daylong presentation
  • Online training modules