Tutoring Sessions For Teaching Online

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The tutoring sessions have been developed as a follow-up to the HOW TO TEACH VALIDATION ONLINE course. They take place online through Zoom meetings. Practice-based sessions are led by a Certified Validation Teacher, Odile Lavault, who teaches the French edition of the HOW TO TEACH VALIDATION ONLINE course.

Download the tutoring and coaching sessions brochure here

Their goal is to deepen skills and confidence in Zoom and Google suite. The sessions are particularly tailored to Validation teachers or presenters who have taken the HOW TO TEACH VALIDATION ONLINE course. Upon registration, the participants will select the topic from a menu of sessions.
We are also welcoming friends or relatives of Validation teachers or presenters who would like to pair up, as well as individuals interested in furthering their knowledge of Zoom and Google suite

Session duration: 1 hour
Each session can have up to 2 participants
Price: $70 per hour

Upon registration, the teacher will contact participants to schedule the session.

Please choose which sessions you would like to attend. You can find all the sessions` topic names below in the table.






Participants Tool Length Topic
1 to 2 Zoom 1 h Using Chat:

  • Exercise text
  • Links
  • Files
  • Save the conversation
  • Email
  • Insert a link
1 to 2 Zoom 1 h Share a video:

  • Minimize the window 
  • Set up the video in the browser or hard drive
  • Place a link in the chat for a video on the web
  • Share screen video & audio settings
  • Adjust the sound during viewing to comment
1 to 2 Zoom 1h Whiteboard

  • Explanation of use to participants
  • Recording
  • Close and reopen while keeping the content
  • Placing / moving text areas
  • White board in breakout rooms
  • Other similar applications
2 Zoom 1h Creation of breakout rooms

  • Anticipate, without downtime
  • Programming the duration
  • Send a message, end
  • Host moves from room to room
1 to 2 Zoom 1h Acquire a pro account

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Options and transmission of the link parameters
1 to 2 Google Suite


1h Slideshow (Google Slides):

  • Create (Insert slides from other slideshows, images, sound, video)
  • Open on Zoom
1 to 2 Google Suite 1h Polls/Quizzes (Google Forms)

  • Create 
  • Share
  • Share the results
  • Formulate good questions




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