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I’m a Geriatric Nurse Specialist, a National Council of Dementia Practitioners’ Certified Dementia Care Trainer, and a Level 3 Validation Presenter. Over my 40-year nursing career, I have worked with disoriented older adults in their homes, acute care, rehabilitation, assisted living facilities, and nursing home settings. I’ve also initiated and facilitated several “first-time’ Alzheimer’s and caregiver support groups and served as a board member of the Alzheimer’s Association of Hampton Roads and Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia.  

I was trained in Validation under Naomi Feil over 20 years ago and still use the method today. With Naomi’s inspiration and “validated” by my own practice,

I find that the Validation method is the most compassionate and effective way to have meaningful communication with disoriented older adults. Naomi really impressed upon me: “In a nurturing environment, people flourish, even those with dementia.” I pray that my monthly contribution to the Validation Training Institute contributes to providing nurturing environments for disoriented older adults and those who care for them. I encourage everyone in the Validation global community to consider making an automatic monthly contribution—even the smallest

 amount can make a difference in keeping the legacy of our founder, Naomi Feil, alive and growing.