English translation of “Letter to Naomi Feil”

Dear Naomi!

“Thank you very much for your commitment to disoriented people! You were so present in public and fascinated people until the end of your life with your attractive outward appearance and your inner self. Thank you also for teaching us that being human in every phase of life is the most important thing for everyone. Basic human needs do not stop with age.


Dear Naomi Feil,

Your work and positive energy had a great impact on us. We would have loved to talk to you about it over a cup of coffee!

We would like to thank you:

– For your valuable work

– For the knowledge we have acquired through you

Our aim is to implement and pass on the Validation method. More appreciation in dealing with each other is not possible!


Dear Naomi,

a big thank you for sharing a great treasure! Kudos to you for setting it all in motion, all over the world. Very valuable, built with heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your videos for learning.

Validation is the key to people’s heart and soul.


(Validation practitioners of the Caritas Association Speyer)