Family Caregiver Course

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Welcome to Validation for Family Caregivers. 

Here is all the logistical information you will need:

The in-person training will be done via Zoom due to current Covid-19 mandates:

Oct 31: Day 1
Time: 1pm – 5:00pm

Nov 1: Day 2
Time: 1pm – 5:00pm

Nov 7: Day 3
Time: 1pm – 5:00pm

Nov 8: Day 4
Time: 1pm – 5:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 861 3020 9515
Passcode: FCC2021

All webinars are done using Zoom meetings
Webinars are live and interactive. You must use a camera, microphone and speakers. Webinars will be hosted at

We recommend using Chrome Browser rather than Internet Explorer!

And now, you should be ready to get started. Simply click on Organization & Introduction below. You can download the course syllabus here

Each lesson starts with its goals.
Follow the instructions every time you see the word Action