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Family Caregiver Course Begins August 7th

“I believe if someone has limited time and the temperament to only learn one approach to being a better caregiver, THIS would be it.” – 2019 Family Caregiver Course Participant

Are you ready to communicate better with your aging parent or loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia? Please join us for our virtual Family Caregiver Course which begins on August 7th! Learn more and sign-up today:

The Family Caregiver Course is a unique online course that provides family caregivers with new ideas, practical skills and techniques. Learn to use your eyes, your voice and your posture to connect. Find new ways to resolve difficult situations with love. Learn verbal and non-verbal techniques that help you interact.  Practice and anchor these skills in your daily life. Find more joy. Quality training and all online!

This training is delivered by Krissy Wuerdeman, a certified Validation Teacher with experience in online learning and includes:

  • 5 videos to watch “on-demand” that concludes with exercises that reinforce ideas or skills
  • 10 interactive webinars led by a certificated Validation Teacher
  • Skills will be learned and practiced in four sessions that are 4-hours each using Zoom
  • Secure an online discussion board where you can share emotions, events, and network with classmates 24/7

Only 25 people can enroll in this course to ensure quality and personal attention.

“This was an amazing class! I have to say after I signed up for it I realized it was an 18 week course and almost didn’t commit to it. I’m so glad I did! I made very strong connections with people who I would have never been introduced to that have experienced things I struggle with.” -2020 Family Caregiver Course Participant